пятница, 29 января 2016 г.

First love

Created with collection ''First love'' by Mediterranka Designs

Сollection ''First love'' from Mediterranka design

Hello dears:)
Do you remember your first love? I'm sure, you do! Because the first love is something special. I was 5-years-old girl with big glasses, he was 6-years-old boy with a big mouth. We spent all weekends and holidays together by our grandparents in the same village. We grow together and loved each other very much. We were like Romeo and Juliet, because our families were always against our relationship. When we were 18, everything was over and he stayed in my past. Do I remember my first love in my present? Once in a blue moon maybe :)
Here is my January collection ''First love'', created special for coming Valentine's day. You know, I don't like the traditional Valentine's kits full of red roses and hearts. So this is my vision of great love - fresh, bright and aery.
Don't forget - you can buy this collection with -20% discount during the first sale week. 
1. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
2. Which part of this collection do you want to win?
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X.O., your Olesya 

среда, 20 января 2016 г.

1 января 2016 года в Отрадном!

Первый день нового года должен быть веселым, счастливым, морозным и снежным! Поехали за всем этим букетом в Отрадное!

Встречаем Новый год Обезьяны!

В ожидании! До Нового года всего несколько часов!

Соня художница. Календарь 2016.

   Вот уже январь заканчивается, а я никак не выложу наш совместный с Сонечкой проект календаря на 2016 год. Рисунки Сони вдохновили меня на такой проект. Теперь каждый день любуюсь и радуюсь!